Learn about merchant services, small business credit card processing and more!

 Merchant Services Accounts Offer Small Businesses eCommerce Solutions

Merchant service accounts are great resources for all organizations, but especially small businesses. Not all small businesses accept credit cards in POS (Point of Sale) transactions. Fees and fear of fraud are usually responsible for the decision to turn plastic away. However, a merchant services account supplies simplified credit card processing with all-encompassing benefits, including security and transaction accuracy. With a merchant services account, small businesses can:

  • Accept credit card payments from anyone, anywhere
  • Increase checkout efficiency
  •  Maximize customer satisfaction and sales revenue
  • Provide customers with added convenience
  • Ensure their business does not fall prey to financial losses via bad checks
  • Minimize the need to have substantial amounts of cash  

Aside accepting credit card payments, small businesses benefit from merchant services when considering digital potential. Businesses looking to create or expand online shopping platforms can implement ecommerce solutions, rather than only accepting in-person cash purchases. As technological advances become more frequent and safer, more consumers are purchasing more products with plastic than with cash. This trend sets a new precedent for the small business retail industry; credit card acceptance is becoming the new standard. Furthermore, merchant account services help small businesses create an affordable plan that suits their specific needs. In numerous cases, the benefits of having a merchant services account outweigh the costs, as revenue can experience an impressive uptick. Nowadays, accepting credit cards isn’t just a progressive financial move; it’s simply good business.