Advantages of Gift Card Programs for Small Business

Posted by Leigh Jones on Friday, January 24, 2014

If you are a small business, have you considered the advantages of gift card programs for small business? Gift cards are a great way to increase your branding by promoting your name on a larger scale. They also increase your visibility to the receiver of the cards, as well as the customers who purchased them. You can make gift cards for small businesses for any amount you think customers would want to do, or create them in an unnamed amount and let the customer define it.

Here are some other benefits you can derive from using gift cards as a small business:

1.      Research shows that small businesses that use gift cards make more money. In a recent study, nearly two-thirds of those using gift cards spent more than $20 more than the value of the gift card, which means you are increasing your revenue by offering them.

2.      It offers a way to distribute your name and your brand and have greater reach. By putting your logo or other identifying information on your card, others will see this and it will increase the likelihood of new purchases or inquiries into your business.

3.      It is easy to do. Simply go to a local bank or look into gift card programs for small business, like the ones offered by merchant service providers, to get started. 

4.      Gift cards for small businesses are secure. Gift cards are as secure as cash and are not transferred to a registered credit or debit card, so the chances of theft are small.

5.      People would rather receive a gift card than a standard gift, because they can pick out what they want. This gives both the gift giver and the recipient more choice in what they do with the card. The purchaser can determine how much to put on the card and the recipient can choose how to use it.

6.      It is good "public relations."  Gift cards for small businesses are seen as a positive by most people, even though the stores rarely give a discount on them. So stores who offer them are regarded in a positive way. They are attractive and convenient to use, and some can even be refilled for additional uses. It offers the recipient a way to have more choice in what they want to buy, and it is like a free shopping trip to their favorite stores.

As you can see, gift card programs for small business are regarded as a positive way to increase loyalty to your store, spread the word about your business, and make someone happy. So what are you waiting for? Look into gift card programs for small businesses today at the bank of your choice. It will pay off big for you!

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