Keep Profits Rolling in All Year Long With Gift Card Programs for Small Businesses

Posted by Leigh Jones on Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The holiday season usually arrives with a boost of customers to top off your annual sales. What if you could figure out a way to keep that momentum going all year long? That's what gift card programs for small businesses can do.

If your customers enjoy patronizing your unique business, they will probably be thrilled to share your goods and services with everyone. They might even purchase items from your business for some of the people on their gift list, but….

·         Some people are simply hard to please.

·         Hard to please people return the presents they do not like.

·         With gift cards, your customer's choosy friends and relatives can do their own shopping.

·         Gift cards for small businesses are just easier to give and receive.

The perfect solution for gift-givers:

Small business gift cards are a convenient and easy way to avoid daylong holiday shopping trips. And while a plastic card might seem like a not-very-personal way to give a holiday present, a First Data research study, "Consumer Insights into the U.S. Gift Card Market: 2012," revealed that recipients actually love them. When given a choice, 93 percent of consumers preferred a $25 gift card to a gift with the same dollar value or higher.

The perfect product for small businesses:

Customers do more shopping during the holidays.  That is great for your bottom line, but it can be difficult to stock enough products to please them all.  Your loyal customers might purchase a few gifts from you, but for the really picky people on their gift list, a gift card makes more sense.

Your small business gift card program does not have to end once the holidays are over.  If you offer them on a regular basis, people who receive your gift cards will see them as a reminder to visit your business.  Your customers will think of you when it is time to buy gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays and other special occasions. 

That is great for you if you have a small business gift card program!

If you do not have a small business gift card program, you may be reducing your profit potential.  Gift cards can mean more dollars spent with your small business during the holidays. In addition, research shows that when two-thirds of card recipients redeem their cards, they will spend more than the card’s value. That means that gift cards can be important to the financial success of your holiday season and beyond.

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