Tips to Help You Keep Your Merchant Account Services Up to Date

Posted by Leigh Jones on Thursday, February 27, 2014 Under: credit card processing terminals

You have taken great care in starting your business. Deciding to add a credit card processing terminal and merchant account services is one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to maximize profits and minimize losses due to offering cash only sales. Whether your business is big or small, a merchant service account and credit card processing terminal offers various solutions to completing sales as well as managing accounts receivable transactions. Below are some helpful tips on properly maintaining this extremely vital business asset.


Top Tips for Maintaining Your Merchant Account


Make sure your equipment is properly integrated. When you sign up for a merchant service account, your provider should assess which equipment will best suit your business needs. This can include a determination of which credit card processing terminal will be most efficient for your organization. Multiple types of POS systems are now available including wireless credit card processing terminals, computer credit card processing terminals, and/or handheld mobile credit card processing terminals for when you are generating sales on the go.


Update your POS system software regularly. Every year you should contact your merchant service provider to find out if your system software is current and up to date. These updates can include data to improve security, faster sale completion, and improvements to system firmware.


Have a professional perform an annual system assessment. As your business grows and changes, your POS system may need adjustments to ensure you are getting maximum benefits for your current needs. For instance, if the mobile portion of your business is expanding, your merchant service provider will be able to outfit your organization with mobile credit card processing terminals to offer your customers the most convenient, safe transaction experience. 


As mobile technology continues to make advances, so do options for different types of POS systems. Contact your merchant service provider often to determine which systems offer the best security and the most convenience for both your business and your customers.

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